Chubby secretary in fully fashioned stockings and a corset

January 27th, 2015

This Chubby Date is a chubby with a difference. This chubby plump cute blond has a real sexy taste in lingerie. On her Chubby Date profile Elisha   is always wearing sexy lingerie, like fully fashioned stockings, pantyhose, panties and corsets. In these exclusive chubby pictures taken from Elisha’s Chubby Date profile. This chubby babe is showing us her plump round arse. She is wearing a pink pair of panties that she fills out nicely. Can you imagine giving her plump round arse a slap? I bet that would make her jump. A proper hard slap on her fat ass to get her moving to the bedroom. Anyway if you like to date a chubby with some nice lingerie then visit Elisha’s Chubby Date profile. You wont regret it.


Dirty UK Chubby Wives

January 24th, 2015

A great new free blog has started for those who like amateur wives. Its called Dirty UK Wives and features nothing but real sexy wives. Doing all sorts of dirty things. They have many chubby British housewives too. So if you like real amateur wives shooting porn in there homes for the first time. Check out Dirty UK Wives here  This British natural amateur wife has nipples like saucepan lids, great big round and dark brown nipples. Chaz is a British ebony housewife who has a nice hairy cunt a a massive pair of natural boobs. In these pics we took pictures of the very sexy Chaz in her shower at her home.


Do hungry men prefer heavier women?

January 21st, 2015

Two British researchers have published a study suggesting that hunger may relate to how men perceive different female body types, BBC News reports. The researchers surveyed 61 male college students coming and going from a university dining hall, first asking them how hungry they were and then asking them to rate a series of photographs of similarly dressed women of varying weights and body types. The half of the group that said they were hungry rated heavier women as more attractive, according to the abstract of the study, which appears in the British Journal of Psychology. The researchers now plan on reversing the study to see how hunger affects female perception of male body types.

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January 18th, 2015

I bet it is hard for big bbw mature old slags like this to get a fuck? I guess some guys will fuck anything and as we know, some perverts like me and you love fucking big fat slags. But lots of men like skinny women. So I imagine lots of fat slags go to get their cunts looked at by gynecologists to get their cunts felt. Well this fat old dog got more than she bargained for and this gynecologists and she ends up getting more than just her cunt looked at. This gynecologist loves big fat slags like this and so after giving her fat cunt an inspection he also gives it a lick and then a fuck. Lucky for him this fat slag is fucking gagging for it. watch in this exclusive movie as this fat slag gets fucked hard. i love watching big fat slags in hard hardcore films and loved this bbw hardcore movie. Large Lady Lovin has a fucking great collection of hardcore. Watch this movie in high definition or watch all their hardcore movies here.

Chubby Welsh MILF fucked

January 15th, 2015

This Welsh chubby wife gets fucked by this skinny guy called Johny Rebel. Johny Rebel finds women of all shapes and sizes and fucks them on camera. This 20 minute video shows how dirty chubby Welsh girls can be when they are given the chance. I love the bit where Johny is fucking this fat woman from behind and slapping her fat arse at the same time.

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January 12th, 2015

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British Chubby ladies looking for dates

January 9th, 2015

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January 6th, 2015

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British chubby babe takes a shower

January 3rd, 2015

Are you a voyeur? I am, I love to watch chubby sluts in their homes, it does not matter what they do, I just like to watch them. They could be naked or clothed, I don’t mind. But although I do like some decent down blouse shots I do like it when a fat slut is showing off her curves, preferably naked. The best way for me as a voyeur to see a chubby lady naked at home is to see them in the shower or bath. This very sexy young British chubby babe is taking a shower. Watch this fat slut as she washes her big chubby curvy body. What do you think? Do you think this British chubby slut looks sexy in her bathroom taking a shower? Do you like the way she washes her cunt between her fat legs? I love watching her soaping up her plump wet pussy. On top of this what this, what a great fucking ass this fat slut has.


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December 31st, 2014

The Bedfordshire Blonde is a real British amateur who has a nice big pair of tits and also a nice big round ass. She isn’t what I call chubby as such, but she has plenty to hold on to. I would certainly hold on to her if I could. If you like real amateurs with some curves then you will love Sandy and her own exclusive amateur porn. This is the Bedfordshire Blonde, a real British MILF who loves to show of at home. Today this amateur slut is flashing us her pantyhose and thong

In this second amateur movie The Bedfordshire Blonde is showing off her big tits while masturbating in front of the camera at home.

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Chubby Date in stockings and red shoes

December 28th, 2014

 Chubby Date Sarah in stockings and red shoes. Coming in from work Chubby British secretary, Sarah , thought it was the perfect opportunity to show you her brand new fully fashioned black seemed stockings and black six strap suspender belt. Plump exhibitionist, Sarah  felt so sexy wearing them in front of the office guys and as soon as she  came home started stripping in front of the camera, just for us. Watch as this chubby young blond secretary strips down from the clothes she has been wearing all day in the office and stands in front of her showing off her black nylons and her very curvy body and her red high heel shoes. Sarah  is a very cute plumper that is looking for a Chubby Date. Sarah  is a secretary by day and a slut by night and so this Chubby Date is in stockings and heels. If you like watching young plumpers dressed up in sexy nylons and lingerie, you will love Elish. Take a look at her Chubby Date profile here


Chubby skinhead babe with tatoos and a shaved head

December 25th, 2014

This fat slut is a slut with a difference, she has a shaved head and lots of tattoos. My guess is that she is a skinhead, maybe one of those skinheads from the 80’s who use to walk around with shaved heads and Doctor Martin boots. Well the tattoos that she has shows that she is a bit of a wild girl. Of course the fact that this fat slag opens her fat thighs and shows us her cunt and stuff this glass dildo up her fat cunt also shows us that she has a very wild side. I must admit the best pictures for me is when this bald fat slag bends over and looks between her fat legs and we get a great shot of her Little white panties that shows a very nice round cunt and her fat ass cheeks. I love the way her fat Bald head looks between her fat thighs.




UK Road Trips: great new free blog

December 22nd, 2014

Great new free blog. UK Road Trips

UK Road Trips is a free blog about one man, Marino and his friends and their naughty exploits throught the UK with all the dirty sluts they can find. Marino is doing what all red blooded males want to do. He is spending his time fucking dirty slappers, filming it and then making a living from it. Can you imagine, getting paid to fuck dirty young whores.

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December 19th, 2014

This is one big fat slag. See the rolls of her fat bouncing around as she gets fucked by the skinny large lady lovin man. He gets this fat slag in the shower, I guess he has to make sure she has washed under those rolls of fat before he fucks her. Where this fat slag who can’t believe her luck on finding a guy who likes fucking big fat bbw’s like her, starts sucking on his cock. I love this movie as this fat slag has all her rolls of fat pulled around and her boobs jigged around as this bbw lover admirers her fat body while fucking her. But this great movie from large lady lovin doesn’t end there. This fat whore is also a cum loving whore. She loves to gulp down mens spunk and so this skinny dude unloads his cum all over this fat slags face and in her mouth. Where of course she gulps it down like the hungry fat cum whore she is.

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This British chubby milf loves black cock

December 16th, 2014

This British chubby milf loves black cock and really cannot get enough black cock, or in fact any cock. I do love it when you find a genuine British fat slag. I love watching these fat old slags getting all the cock they can. Well this white fat slag loves black cock. watch as she rides this black mans cock and sucks his black cock in her fat little cheeks. I love these pictures and the movie that goes with it of this fat cum hungry whore. After this black stud has finished fucking this filthy fat old slag, he unloads his white cum over her fat mouth and lips and like all fat cum hungry whores, this fat whore gulps down his jizz. But that’s not where this exclusive British chubby movie ends. This fat slag then starts with this skinny white guy who also loves to fuck filthy fat slags like this one. Two cocks in one day, this British bbw is one lucky fat slag!


Chubby date in stockings masturbates in the kitchen

December 13th, 2014

This chubby date has been told to do the dishes by her boss. But this chubby date has something else up her sleeve. She decides a little teasing is in order. So this fat blond secretary flashes her chubby legs in her stockings and flashes her black panties. This black lacy panties are being pulled right up this chubby blonde’s pussy. Because she is nice and plump and they are nice and tight, we get a really good look as this black thong rides into her and shows off her plump pussy curves. Do you like to see a curvy plump women in fully fashioned stockings? Well this chubby date has a fetish for stockings and her chubby date profile is all about her and her love of nylons and stockings. I love it when a plump women is in stocking? I much prefer curves on a women and think a pair of stockings on a pair of plump legs looks fucking hot. That’s why i love this chubby dates profile so much. Plenty of stockings and plenty of curves.


Chubby Indian with big boobs covers herself in syrup

December 10th, 2014

We got this chubby Indian babe in the bath and made her cover herself in golden syrup. All this runny and very sticky golden syrup all over her big boobies. It was really sticky and this golden syrup looks great against her brown plump skin. What a fucking great pair of tits this busty chubby Indian babe has. Would you like to lick this syrup off her boobs? I would. I love this busty chubby amateur because you can tell from all her own exclusive content that she has a really great time making it. What a great smile she has. Shiva is a busty chubby Indian nineteen year old who loves in Scotland and just loves to get her clothes off in front of the camera and show off her boobs and why wouldn’t she, look at the fantastic big bouncy boobs she has. They look fucking great and very suckable. If you like your chubby ladies with a little more than just curves, maybe a big pair of boobs then you will love her site.


British chubby beer drinking boozed up sluts on hen parties in north east England

December 7th, 2014

Hi, I have just found this great site featuring British milf’s and housewives exposed at hen nights with strippers in these real amateur movies taken at clubs and pubs in the north of England. These are real chubby and fat, beer drinking, pie eating British northern old sluts getting any cock they can. I really didn’t realise things like this went on. I’m actually lost for words. Does your wife go out to hen nights with her friends? Well this is what she is probably getting up too. These male strippers do not care what size these British amateurs are, chubby, fat and skinny. But being northern birds most are fat. Take a look at these movie clips taken at hen parties in the north of England.

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Chubby British wife in stockings masturbating at home

December 4th, 2014

stockingaces is really a lingerie internet site that features older girls, however, not every one of the women are belonging to the mature range, nonetheless about one half of these get into the milf or gilf group. It may not necessarily look like there are a lot of films to begin with, nonetheless visit a thumbnail of a girl and you may observe that generally there is frequently several films of the woman.

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December 1st, 2014

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